Who Prays?

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Personal Moment, Teachable Moment

So this week has been about turning my anxieties into prayers.  In case you didn’t know, I am by nature a very anxious person and there is no problem, imaginary or real, that I do not try to solve in my mind, for me or for anyone else in the world.  However, in reality this is an exhausting way to live and it is not what God intended at all… He designed us to depend on Him not on our own strength to survive. So what does that mean in real life, not just the Christianese universe? How do I actively depend on God so that my anxious heart becomes a peaceful heart? I heard a sermon yesterday by Ben Stuart and one of the things he said really landed on this issue… He said “Who Prays? People who pray are the people who realize God’s presence and their own dependence.” Prayer is our way to actively depend on God and I don’t know about anyone else out there but I know that my prayer life is more like a geyser that has a sudden burst and then dies down for a while rather than the steady stream that it really should be.

So that begs the question… Do I not realize my own dependence? Or do I not really believe in the reality of God’s presence in my life? For me, I am inclined to believe that it is the later… I don’t think I really believe that He is here and He is interested.  Or if I do believe it in my head, I am not acting on that beliefe because if I was then I would talk to Him, which is what prayer is.  So the way this all plays out is this… my anxiety is a direct result of setting myself up as my own savior instead of acting on the reality that Christ is my savior and He is not only here for real but He has a plan for getting me through this crazy life and He wants me to lay all my concerns at His feet in an act of total dependence on Him. And by talking to Him about everything that crosses my mind through out the day, we walk a little closer and maybe by walking closer, I will look a little more like who He designed me to be instead of this crazy anxious person. So that is the junk and the perspective kind of put together and I hope that made some sense… The funny thing about walking is you tend to get tripped up all the time or tired or lazy and so things like praying withough ceasing become a constant battle… but at least we’re walking and that’s the great thing because it means God is finished with us yet 🙂


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