Vanity, Vanity

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Soap Box Moment

Sunday I went to the grocery store and as I stood in line at the check out, a particular magazine cover caught my eye… The headline read something like “Growing up too Fast?” and it was about little girls who are in beauty pagents from the time they are babies and everything that they go through to be “beautiful”. It showed pictures of these little 3, 4 and 5 year olds dressed up like a JLo music video, wearling high heals, fake teeth, fake eyelishes, skimpy outfits and more make up than a grown woman should ever wear. My heart was so heavy I almost started crying right there in Wal-Mart and it made me think deeply about my responsibility as a mother of two baby girls in a society that seems to only value a beauty that is skin deep.  I thought about the parents who actually put their little girls in this obscene environment that does nothing for them but tell them that they are not enough just the way God made them.  Then I began to think about myself and how much I obsess over what I should eat and how much I weigh and how people see me and then this horrible realization came over me… what if those parents are just like me, only they have gone just one step farther and put their own insecurities on their daughters? Am I just a hypocrite hiding behind ideals?

Needless to say this started me doing some soul searching… Now, I am not one that is opposed to taking care of yourself, wearing make up or jewelry or even fun clothes but the issue is once again one of the heart.  Is the focus of my efforts to obtain some sort of affirmation from other people? Or re-phrased, is the focus of my efforts so that people will look at ME and think I am awesome or super hot or whatever? Or is my heart in a place where it understands that I am NOT awesome but God IS awesome and HE made me and HE saved me and HE thinks I am a treasure worth the life of His own son and if I am such a treasure then I should take care of myself as such. When this truth really takes hold of the soul, the pressure of trying to achieve the ever-changing standard of what everyone thinks is beautiful melts away and suddenly there is a joy in who and what you are and taking care of yourself is just a natural thing to do when you realize how priceless you are. This is what I want to pass on to my girls… that they are His and they are gorgeous.

So you may be asking yourself, what is the junk for the week? My junk is that unfortunately, it is a rare thing for me to actually walk in this truth… My “fat days” are about 6 out of 7 a week and I am sad to say that I am not very good at grasping the right perspective. However, I have three things to help me out… (1) The grace of God that keeps reminding me of the truth so that one day I might walk in it consistently (2) Two girls to remind me to keep chasing the truth and (3) A husband who is really good at making me feel beautiful and cherished 🙂 so as always God is merciful. And the conclusion of the matter is that  you are God’s beautiful treasure and my prayer for you is that the vanity of this generation does not rob you of that joy.

Proverbs 31:30-31
30 Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who [s]fears the LORD, she shall be praised.  31 Give her the [t]product of her hands, And let her works praise her in the gates.


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