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Today I am going to start with my junk because it’s just one of those weeks for me.  Once upon a time when I was a younger and very stupid Christian, I would read the old testament accounts of the Israelites and their absolute insanity and think “Wow, why can’t they just get it together and trust God… He parted the red sea right in front of them for heaven’s sake!” Now I am a slightly older Christian who is still stupid but has been beaten a few times by reality and I now read the old testament accounts and see myself… A whiney, irritating and emotionally irrational person who praises God one minute and in the next five seconds shouts to the heavens “Oh why, oh why don’t I get my way when I want my way?!?”

Fortunately for me, God is the same yesterday, today and forever and the same God of the old testament who never abandoned the Israelites is the same God who is still holding me tight in his arms even as I kick and scream… like a two year old. I no longer read the old testament with a sense of frustration but with a sense of desperation… If such a God of infinite love and perfection could bear with such an irritating group of people then it gives me hope that maybe I’m not a lost cause after all.  So my junk is that I am a whiney baby just like Israel but the perspective is that God is a perfect Father and He’s not finished with me yet… which is just really good news 🙂