Home Is Where The Heart Is

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Personal Moment
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In my current circumstances, I tend to ponder a lot about the concept of home so when I recently heard a song by Carrie Underwood called Temporary Home, it got the wheels in my head turning. The idea of home is a place that provides security, stability and warmth and as I sat listening to the words, describing the pain in this life as a temporary struggle in our journey, I began to think about how often I live as if this world will provide me with all of those things. I thought about my struggles as a “homeless housewife” and how much I have foolishly thought that a house would make me feel more stable and secure, when truthfully those things can only come from my relationship to Jesus Christ. Suddenly the hellacious process of building our house began to seem more like God trying to untie my heart from this world and anchor it to Him, but as most of you already know from my previous posts, I spend most of my time fighting Him… Don’t ask me why, I think it’s just a human thing. It’s like I don’t really believe that God is better than a house; if I did then anywhere would be home because Christ is home. Luke chapter 9 tells us that when Jesus was here on earth He said that “The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” This world was not His home and He lived that way. It’s not that having a place to lay my head is a bad thing, but if the place to lay my head is the only way I think I can find security, stability and warmth, then maybe my heart is anchored in the wrong place.

As a mom, I want my girls to anchor themselves in their relationship with Christ and not in their physical circumstances. Everything in this world is temporal, having no power to satisfy our heart’s craving for an eternal home where we are safe and our souls are filled with warmth. If I do not set an example for them in this, then I set them up for endless dissatisfaction. Reality is that nowhere in this world will ever be my home, I have just now been made uncomfortable enough to feel it, but if my heart is firmly anchored in the security and warmth of Christ then wherever He has me can be home for however long it needs to be. So my prayer is that God will change my heart so that I will not pass foolishness on to my girls and they will learn that home is truly where the heart is.


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