Posted: October 17, 2012 in Teachable Moment
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Insignificant is a word that describes how I feel on many days. It is the feeling I get when it seems like all I have done is wipe up poop, do dishes which are now dirty again and argue with a two-year old about the necessity of a nap.  Somehow it never seems like I accomplish what I want to, much less anything of significance. Despite the fact that my husband is fantastic about telling how grateful he is for everything that I do, in those moments when it’s just me there’s something that still whispers to my heart that my life of endless task lists is nothing but a chasing after the wind.

Well, this makes me think about a sermon by Matt Chandler on the book of Philippians. His message was a challenge and he asked why we do as modern day Christians have no passion for Christ? He referenced many places in Scripture, including Psalm 63, where people in the Bible describe their desire for God with a desperation that is totally lost on most Christians today. He also described how the creation itself is depicted in Romans 8 as “groaning” for the redemptive presence of its King. So if this desire is the standard as shown in Scripture, then why is our relationship to God so platonic instead of the passionate pursuit it was meant to be? Philippians 3:1-11 gives us a hint. It describes Paul as having more reason than anyone to be confident in his own flesh; he was found blameless according to the law which means he kept a pretty impressive list of good deeds. However, in verse 7 we are told that he counted his list as loss “… in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus.” He counted his list of awesome deeds as loss because his pursuit of the list kept him from pursuing Christ. When my Christian life becomes about a list of things to do, it becomes chasing the wind and I will always be left feeling like I haven’t quite done enough. But when my Christian life becomes about building a relationship with a person named Jesus Christ, it begins to breathe with life.

I think this same principle can be applied to our daily lives as well. When I measure my life by a list of things that I do each day then it will always leave me feeling insignificant and like I haven’t done enough. If however, I measure my life by the people I am touching and the relationships I am building then suddenly my day seems to pulse with a sense of life. Wiping poop will never be my favorite thing to do but the time I spend meeting my daughter’s needs and showing her affection will become a part of who she is and suddenly it seems less insignificant. How many times I do the dishes is not important, but the fact that I have made life a little cleaner for the rest of my family is important. It’s all a matter of how I measure… lists or people. Just like my Christian life is measured by how well I know Jesus Christ the person, my daily life is measured by how well I love the people He puts in my path. So, I know this perspective won’t make the chores do themselves or magically clean the kids, but I hope it will be a reminder that our significance is in the people we touch not in the lists of things we do.


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