Moment of the Week!

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Moment of The Week
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This week’s moment is actually something that happened several months ago but it is by far one of the best absent-minded mommy stories of all time for me. It was rainy day when I drove up in my parent’s drive way and parked the car near the deck so I could get the kids out with as little rain soaking as possible. Once inside I busied about getting the kid’s lunch and putting them down for naps so when I finally got to sit down, I was totally exhausted. At about this time, which was nearly three hours after I had gotten home, my mom came in from being outside and said “Angela, did you just go somewhere?” “No. Why?” I said, staring at her blankly. “Because your car is still running.” At first I argued with her and dug in my purse to show her that I still had my keys, but as I dug for them I began to realize I had no memory of ever putting them back in my purse. My mom went outside, and then as she came back she put my keys in my hand and just shook her head. It was a true mommy moment!


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