Posted: November 14, 2012 in Teachable Moment
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Last week I read a verse in Proverbs that startled me out of my usual morning stupor. It very simply said “The Lord is far from the wicked, But He hears the prayer of the righteous.” As I’m sure you all remember from my last post, prayer is the life line that I have been slowly learning to grasp in recent months, but this verse totally shattered my confidence. It says He only hears the prayers of the righteous and the first thought that crossed my mind was “I am worse than wicked! No wonder everything seems to be going wrong, He’s not even listening!” Irritated, I closed my Bible app and went to watch cartoons with my kids, which only served to aggravate me even more. Throughout the day, I tried to forget about the verse but it kept haunting my thoughts like a bad dream. I found myself constantly trying to figure out a way to convince myself and God that I was a righteous person, but the more I tried the more the thoughts of my heart flashed in front of me like an X-Rated Horror movie. It was useless! Feeling defeated, I sat down and tried not to pray but before I knew what was happening my thoughts started talking to God whether I wanted them to or not. Soon, there was a voice in my head that wasn’t me or myself and it whispered words that sounded strangely like the book of Romans. It said something like this “Only Christ is righteous. You are righteous because His life was imputed to you on the day He saved you. He is in fact listening to you right now. Get a grip.” I felt sheepish because I already knew this; yet God had once again found His way into the frustration of my mind and reminded me of truth that I already knew.

Now, as a mom, there are two things here that I want to take note of and pass on to my kids. The first is that taking a verse apart from the whole truth of scripture will only end in frustration and really bad theology. The second lesson to be learned is that God always listens to His children; our access to the throne room of the universe is granted by the righteous blood of Christ and has nothing to do with any goodness we might credit ourselves with. (See Luke 18) Also, I think it is helpful to note that if you are a child of God, avoiding Him never works for very long… No matter how wicked you are, He saved you on purpose, you belong to Him forever and He will stop at nothing to find you.


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