Moment of The Week

Posted: November 25, 2012 in Moment of The Week

Recently I was having dinner with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a very long time. We were laughing and catching up on old news when I decided to pull out the menu which happened to be underneath my fresh glass of ice tea. With my left hand I reached to hold the glass of tea and then with my right, I pulled at the menu. Well, my right hand proved to be faster than my left because I pulled the menu out before I had a grip on the tea and in a matter of seconds, I was totally soaked in ice cold tea. Not a good start to the evening, but little did I know it was only going to get better. When I got home I realized that I had run over one of my dad’s sprinkler heads for about the fourth time this year. When I finally got inside and proceeded to tell my husband about my series of unfortunate events, a cockroach fell from the ceiling right front of me, which sent both of us into a tizzy of trying to kill the unwelcome intruder. After that I decided it was time for bed.


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