Moment of The Week

Posted: December 24, 2012 in Moment of The Week

At the end of October we threw Lilah her third birthday party. It was a Disney Princess’s party so being the girly girl that I am everything was pink, purple and sparkly including her birthday cake, which we ordered from HEB. That morning I was busy decorating so my mom very kindly offered to go pick up the cake. When she got back, I noticed that the price tag on the box said more than what I was told the cake would cost. “How much did they charge you?” I asked. She looked up with a quizzical look. “Nothing” She replied. “What?” I asked, not totally grasping the situation. She looked at me innocently and said “Didn’t you already pay for it?” Suddenly I realized what happened. “You stole the birthday cake!?!” She stood there for a minute and then we both burst into uncontrollable laughter. My little saint of a mother had unwittingly stolen a three-year-old’s birthday cake!! Of course after the party she went back and paid for it, much to the entertainment of the HEB employees, but it was absolutely the best moment of the day for me!


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