Living Out a Mission

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Teachable Moment
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Well, the day that I thought would never come has finally come. It is the day that I can officially say that we are both moved in and settled into our new house. In the last two years, our family has walked a journey that has been immensely difficult, intensely emotional and wrought with many unexpected twists and turns, but today we get to celebrate God giving our family rest.

There really are no words to describe the gratitude my husband and I feel for God’s mercy on our family and as we have spent time reflecting on all He has done there is a question that seems to keep drifting to the surface of our minds; What is His purpose in showing our little family such great mercy?

Now to answer this question, one only needs to look as far as the last four weeks since we have moved to our house. In the first week, my mother-in-law had a sudden change in circumstances and needed to stay with us for a few months.  While some might view such an event as an inconvenience, we saw it as God showing us how to use the house He had given us to serve others and not to simply hold it as a trophy of our own efforts. This also brought meaning and purpose to all the time we spent watching the generosity of my parents as they opened their home to us, which meant it was actually a blessing on many levels.

On the third week of us being in our house, we heard a sermon from the pastor at our church regarding living life on the mission of God’s glory wherever you have been placed in this world. (Click here to listen to sermon) It was a dynamic message that spoke to the heart of how we felt our lives should be lived out in our new home. Little did we know that God was planning to teach us how to apply our belief that very evening when our teenage next door neighbor got locked out of the house while her godparents were out of town. She ended up needing a place to sleep for the night so even though we didn’t know her and were a little nervous about giving a stranger our daughter’s room for the night, we said a prayer and took a leap of faith. Needless to say, everything worked out fine and it has provided the opportunity for us to get to know our neighbors, which is always the first step to loving them as scripture commands.

So I think it’s safe to say that the answer to the question regarding God’s purpose for the mercy He has shown our family is to pour it back out to the people He brings in our life. In the last month, He has reminded us that this house belongs to Him and He has given it to us for the mission of sowing His love, mercy and truth into both our family and our community so that He is glorified.  As a parent I desperately want my children to see this principle in the reality of who we are. It is my fervent prayer that God will never let us forget His great mercy on us and that no matter where life takes us we are always living out a mission for His glory.

I also want to challenge all of my fellow parents out there to think about how they are living out the mission of Christ so that their kids can see what it looks like.  For us it has been learning to share the gift of our home but for someone else it may be showing your kids how to serve others by helping to fix your dad’s car; or maybe you just show your kids how to care about people by getting to know the guy who serves you coffee at Starbucks.  What is it for you? How are you living on mission?


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