Moment of The Week!

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Moment of The Week

My oldest daughter Lilah is extremely social. Every kid she meets is her new best friend, but sometimes the other kids do not necessarily share her friendly sentiments. One evening we were having dinner at Willie’s and she was happily playing with her sister in the sandbox when a little boy, probably about 6 or 7 years old came along. She immediately stopped what she was doing and walked over to the poor guy and began peppering him with questions. He tried to walk away but she followed him. He ask her to leave him alone but she just stared at him quizzically. Finally, in desperation, he looked to his parent’s for help but they told him he needed to suck it up and be nice to her. I felt that was an appropriate response and we began discussing with his parents how one day his attitude towards a girl following him around probably change. However, not wanting the poor kid to develop a complex I finally told Lilah to come sit at the table for a while to eat her fries. She quickly came over and I asked her if she had been trying to make friends with the boy. “Yeah,” she said thoughtfully “But he’s not listening.” Everyone at the surrounding tables erupted into laughter and agreed that some things never change even with age.

  1. That is one beautiful girl!

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