Moment of The Week!

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Moment of The Week

On Valentine’s Day morning I was bustling around the kitchen getting all the goodies together for the girls and attempting to make the coffee at the same time. We have a Keurig machine which, in my personal opinion, is provision from heaven and after successfully making my husband his hot steaming cup of java, I attempted to make my own. I put the K-cup in its appropriate slot and pressed the “brew” button. What I did not do was put a cup where the coffee was now pouring out onto the base of the machine. Realizing my absent-minded stupidity, I let out a little squeak and raced to grab a cup to save the remainder of my precious morning life blood. Fortunately only about a quarter of it was lost and the whole mishap made great entertainment for my husband who was quite impressed with my speed and agility in saving the coffee… another day in the life!


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