The Groaning

Posted: May 17, 2013 in Personal Moment
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In the heart of the earth there’s a terrible sound.
If you listen you’ll hear it, like a pain in the ground.

It’s a sadness that pulses through all of creation;
A longing to flee from a curse and damnation.

Trees groan as the wind blows their leaves.
Mountains quake with tremors and heaves.

Wolves cry out at the moon in the night,
Like begging for mercy from a terrible plight.

The clouds swirl black and turn into storms,
That rage and leave nothing but vacuous forms.

The earth it cracks and opens its mouth,
To wreak destruction from north to south.

What is the reason? Does anyone know?
I look to the Scriptures to see what is so.

In Romans it says indeed there’s a curse;
It’s ominous, heavy and will only get worse.

But it says there’s hope and the King will return,
To redeem what is His, the curse He will burn.

He will speak to the water, the sky and the earth.
He will heal all their pain and give them new birth.

Upon His return, the wolves they will sing.
The trees will dance like sunlight in spring.

The wind will speak with a language so soft,
It will shelter the soul like a bird in its loft.

The earth will not shake, tremble or crack.
Its heart will have warmth, its life brought back.

So now when I hear the sound of the groaning,
I know it means there will be an atoning.

It says there is more than these things that are fading;
The King will come back and for Him we are waiting.

Romans 8:18-24


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