Hello Friends!

My name is Angela and I love Jesus, my family, writing stories and sharing life with other passionate moms! I have been married to my true love for the past ten years and we live with our two girls in burbs of south Texas, where life is good but very interesting to say the least.

I started writing when I was no more than seven years old and I have been passionate about doing it ever since. The reason I write about the struggles of motherhood and voice my opinion on things that matter to me is simple. I feel there are too few places for us to talk about the real issues that plague our everyday lives as we try to raise our children in the ways of the Lord. There is too much pressure for us to appear like we have it all together and I think that it is most important for us as moms to set an example of transparency with our kids; we need to talk about what really matters in this life and the struggles we face, otherwise our kids will never know how to honestly confront the storms that will most certainly become a reality for them.  Even if you do not share my opinions or experience the same struggles as I do, I hope that my writing will at least inspire you to think about these things and to talk to your kids about what matters most to you.

Well, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and also take a moment to check out my stories and poems at http://thestorymom.wordpress.com/.  I am always looking to improve my writing and I also just love to talk so please send me all of your comments, questions or just whatever is happening in your life.  I am looking forward to hearing from you and God bless!

Passionate Writer,


  1. Enjoying this! Check me out at:



  2. Thanks, Katharine! I enjoyed visiting your blog as well 🙂

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