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Threads of Silver: Chapter 8 ©

Posted: October 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Threads of Silver: Chapter 8 ©.

Moment of The Week!

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

It was a typical day and I was getting pretty worn down. I felt like I had spent the whole afternoon correcting the kids behavior and Lilah especially seemed to be making her best efforts to avoid listening to anything I said. Finally, after much frustration I decided to try a different approach. “Lilah, is there something bothering you?” I asked “Because if there is you need to talk to me about it and not behave disrespectfully.” She thought for a few minutes and then very seriously responded “Yes, there is an alligator that has been bothering me.” “I see.” I replied, trying to maintain a straight face. “Well, can you tell this alligator to stop bothering you so that maybe we can stop having so many arguments?” Again, she pondered for a moment and then proceeded to tell me a very long, convoluted story about her and the alligator and how they were actually friends, etc. Realizing that this was not going to go anywhere I finally said “Ok well, I’m glad you and the alligator are friends but let’s try to listen to mommy from now on and just talk to me if something is really bothering you.” I thought that was a good way to end the conversation and hoped maybe it had done some good. However, about 2 minutes later she said “Mom, something’s bothering me.” “What is it?” I asked. “A monster is bothering me.” Suddenly, I realized my good intentions were backfiring and for the next hour I listened to different creative stories about what was bothering her. Needless to say, by the time she went to bed I was in desperate need of chocolate.


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Have you ever begged God for clarity on a decision, gotten it and then thought “Wow, that’s not exactly what I thought it would be.”? Today was that day for me.

Yesterday, after being told another lie by our builder, I couldn’t help but feel like we were holding on too tight; it was time for something to happen that would take the pressure off of our families and give us some perspective. So I went home and begged God for clarity. Then I sent Wheeler an e-mail explaining my feelings.  He soon texted me back saying he felt the same thing and we began to discuss options. We looked into staying in an extended stay hotel, which the builder had offered to pay for, but after looking at it for about 5 seconds we knew that was absolutely out of the question.  So then we began re-examining the research we had done on apartments a few weeks ago and decided to follow up with the one we had liked the best.

I called to find out that they had a promotional rate that would make a 3 month lease doable for us and they had the exact floor plan we wanted available for move-in this weekend, but we would need to make a decision soon. This was a good option but we were still struggling with all the unknown variables, the logistics of moving so quickly and the effect the sudden change might have on the girls. So we prayed about it, discussed it with family and decided to sleep on it. This morning we got up feeling like we should go ahead with the apartments but we continued to ask God for clarity. At 9:00am we received a call from the builder confirming our concerns about the schedule for the house. At a little after 9:00 we spoke to our realtor who advised us to go forward with the apartment. At 9:30am we signed the paperwork and will be moving in this Saturday on December 1st.

Amazingly, God gave us the clarity we needed in less than 24 hours, but it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. Secretly, I wanted clarity that said we would move into our house before Christmas. However, that’s not what happened and to be honest I feel strangely ok with it. We have been so tightly wound for the last 12 months over this house and God in His wisdom is giving us a chance to let go of something that was His in the first place. We have not withdrawn our contract from the house at this point and who knows what will happen after the first of the year but here’s what I do know… God will give us clarity just in time for us to need it and even if the direction is a surprise, we can rest in His perfect provision that has sustained us thus far.