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Posted: September 25, 2012 in Personal Moment
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The purpose and goal of all my life circumstances, good or bad, is to glorify Jesus Christ, but in recent days I’m finding it hard to stay focused on the goal. I feel myself trying to drown my struggles, specifically struggles regarding the house, with distractions. I try to stay busy planning this event or working on that list of chores and I convince myself that I have to do these things to keep my mind off of the situation or I’ll go crazy. Now I’m not suggesting that being productive is a bad thing or that wallowing in my sorrows is the better course of action, but I am saying that using productivity to hide from the struggles God has given me will eventually put me on an endless pursuit of distraction instead of keeping me in pursuit of God and His glory. If I chose to chase distraction, then the chances are good that I will become exhausted, hardened and numb, unable to hear His voice because there is no silence for Him to be heard. If instead, I take a moment to think and pray, the door is opened for God to speak His perspective to my heart and my struggles suddenly are being used to make me soft and moldable for His purposes. You see, by burying all that I am going through with distractions, I bury God with it and all glory is lost.

Now being the busy sort of person that I am, this is a very hard reality for me to live in. However, as a mom, I desperately want to be an example to my girls of a woman who faces her problems with prayer, not one who buries them. To be honest, some days the best I can do is cry like a baby, but on those days the thing that makes the difference is running to His feet in a quiet moment instead of running to an endless list of things to do. But here’s the real truth; my current circumstances are just a training ground for bigger mountains and deeper valleys that are yet unseen but will most certainly be in my future. If I do not learn how to chase God instead of distractions in the struggles I face now, the result will be a very hard, dissolutioned old woman and that is not who I want to be for my girls. The glory of God is a human soul transformed and enjoying the fullness of who He is no matter the circumstance; so when in the silence of a moment I fall in His arms, I am made a little softer to His transforming touch and thus a little stronger for His glory.   Therfore I will press on towards the goal and I hope I have encouraged someone else out there to do the same. (Philippians 3:13-15)