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I don’t think there are many who would argue with the statement that motherhood is the most thankless job in the world. We don’t remember the years that our mother’s got up with us in the middle of the night, changed our dirty diapers, fed us and cleaned up the countless messes that we made. We take for granted the fact that we always had clean clothes, three meals a day and that our mom sacrificed most of her free time investing in all of our activities and education.

So on this Mother’s Day week I would like to share a list I made of all the forgotten things my mom did to make me who I am today. I realize there are many who struggle with strained relationships with their mothers, but I hope I can at least encourage everyone to look for the good things your mom did and maybe take the time to tell her thank you. After all, don’t we want our kids to be merciful and remember the things we did well despite all our mistakes? I know I do.

All The Things My Mom Did Right:

1.She loved Jesus.

2. She taught me what it means to really love a man by how she loved my dad. She never talked badly of him, she respected him, she served him, she never left and they are still in love today.

3. She was resourceful. My dad was a teacher so we didn’t have any money but my brother and I never really noticed. She was just so good at making what we had work.

4. She made holidays special. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine’s Day, it didn’t matter what the holiday was, she always found a way to make it special for the whole family.

5. She was and is always there for me. Even as an adult there is not one time in my life that I can ever say my mother wasn’t there for me. Many times I have needed her and no matter how inconvenient it might have been, she was always right there.

6. She knew how to have fun. My mother loves to shop, eat junk food, go on family excursions and be spontaneous. One of my best memories of her was the day we skipped school to go see the Houston Symphony and watch the Sound of Music all afternoon.

7. She homeschooled my brother and I even when it cost her everything. My mother started homeschooling in the 80’s when it was not the movement that it is today. She not only lost all of her free time but the support of her family as well, and with limited resources she worked extremely hard to make sure we got a good education. Her sacrifice in this will always be an inspiration to me.

8. She taught me how to really care about people. Whenever my mom saw someone who was struggling or hurting, she would always do something; whether it was flowers, a card or just a phone call, she would always find a way to let them know they were loved.

9. She never left. Now that I am a stay-at-home mom I realize what a feat it is to simply stick with your kids when things are difficult. In a world where so many mothers abandon their children, I am so grateful that my mother showed me what it looks like to persevere even when you feel like running.

10. She became my friend. Some have said that you are not to be your child’s friend and that is true to an extent especially when they are small. However, as parents we are to cultivate a relationship with our children in addition to teaching them how live by standards. This is so that when childhood gives way to adulthood, a friendship can indeed blossom. My mother spent much time cultivating a relationship with me, especially as I got into my teen years and this relationship has grown into a friendship that I cherish to this day.

So thank you, Mom for everything you did right. I know there is a lot that is not on this list, but these are the things that have meant the most to me and I just want you to know that you were very good at your very thankless job. I love you so much and Happy Mother’s Day!

“Her children rise up and bless her;” – Proverbs 31:28