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So recently I watched the movie Mirror Mirror which was a retelling of the fairytale, Snow White. It was an ok story but honestly I couldn’t help but be bothered by an underlying idea that seems to be permeating our culture on a whole new level these days. In the movie the prince is portrayed as an absolute moron who is constantly being saved by Snow White which perpetuates the idea that women don’t need men and they certainly don’t need to be saved by a man. Many people think that the idea of the girl being saved by the handsome hero is something that was conjured up by antiquated old men and put into dozens of fairytales to brain wash us into thinking that this is the way it is supposed to be. However, if scripture is to be believed, this is not true at all. Ephesians 5 says this “For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself being the Savior of the body.” So the husband is compared to Christ who is the savior of the body, which is His bride. Now, please don’t get me wrong, I don’t think women are helpless and they are absolutely called in Proverbs 31 to be wise, capable and strong but it is my firm belief that making men out to be morons who always have to be saved by the women is poisonous not only to men but to women as well.  God saved his bride through ultimate self-sacrifice, so it was not a salvation of chauvinistic pride but of true love.  The relationship between a man and a woman was designed to be a reflection of this love and be a protection for women. Isn’t that what we crave in the deepest recesses of our heart is true love and protection? Is not ultimate sacrifice to save another a perfect demonstration of true love? Then why do we feel the need to demean such images of true love in our culture? My theory is that it is because of bitterness created by the lack of real men in our society. Growing numbers of men have bought the lie that they are no longer needed to be leaders following the example of Christ in their families but little boys who are to be mothered by the women who supposedly know best. This lie was born during the feminist movement which was intended to free women from oppression but instead has gone too far and created a new form of it. Now we are trapped feeling unloved and unprotected because the men did what we said instead of loving us enough to fight for their position as protectors and we brutally mock them for it. Thus it is a vicious cycle.

I know this is controversial and I hope no one will take this as an attack on women or the movie itself but as a plea to stop the cycle. Men, just obeying everything a woman says is not loving her… Have the wisdom to follow God’s design and love us enough to save us even when we don’t want to be saved. And Ladies, Instead of spending all of our time degrading men based on the failures of some why don’t we focus our attention on being wise, strong and capable women that are worth fighting for … Maybe in time the wrongs will be righted and we can be an inspiration for our men as they try to be the heroes they were designed to be.