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Moment of The Week!

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Moment of The Week

A few weeks ago I was sitting with the girls at the dinner table trying to get them to focus long enough to actually eat their food. As usual, Lilah was more interested in talking than eating and Elaina was taking great joy in stuffing way too much food in her mouth and then spitting it out. Getting frustrated, I put my head in my hands and tried to contemplate a new strategy. When I looked up, Elaina had her foot on the table and was meticulously stuffing wads of rice and cheese between each of her toes. At that point I felt the only thing to do was laugh and just let them go watch cartoons while I cleaned up the kitchen. Sometimes you just have to know when you’ve been beat!

For The Moms

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Favorite Articles
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An excellent post from the pastor at our church… Be encouraged!!

Moment of The Week!

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Moment of The Week

In April Lilah was a flower girl in my sister-in-law’s wedding. At the rehearsal the night before, she was in a pretty bad mood and spent most of her time curled up in my lap, so attempting to be a good mother, I tried cheering her up by talking about the beautiful wedding dress she was going to get to wear the next day. I told her she would be a princess and she would look just like Cinderella, etc. Finally, she sat up and looked at me with a very concerned face and said “But Mommy, where is my husband?” “What?” I said, surprised that she was even listening to me. “Where is my husband? I’m getting married tomorrow in my Cinderella dress.” I tried to explain that her Aunt Lydia was actually marrying Prince Charming at the wedding but it didn’t seem to faze her and she persisted in telling me that we must find her a husband. Not sure what to do, I decided to play along and pointed out some random guys at the rehearsal to be her husband. Of course, she promptly refused all of them. I then suggested that maybe we wait until she was a little older to find Prince Charming to which she finally agreed. So the moral of this story is to never under estimate the romantic genius of a three-year-old… they apparently know more about how the story should go than we give them credit for.